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Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves to you. Our names are Cynthia and Mark LeBreton. We're an artist and an entrepreneur who love creating hand printed goods. Our company name H.E.A.P.S. is reflective of the things we value the very most in our lives: Health, Energy, Abundance, Passion and Sharing.

Our products are screen printed by hand in our home studio with artwork that Cynthia has created. Here's how it works. Cynthia hand draws original line art drawings. Then we take these line drawings and create our own silk screens using traditional screen printing methods. Once the screens are made we personally hand-pull the screen prints onto textiles using premium quality, eco-friendly textile inks. We use heat to permanently set the inks, making them colorfast and long lasting for everyday use.

We create products that people can use on an everyday basis because we believe that every "ordinary" day can be filled with health, energy, abundance, passion and sharing, and our pieces can be a little reminder of this. We love to brighten up people's day with a whimsical image or a vintage inspired piece.

All of our home goods and apparel are premium quality and will last a long time even in the busiest of households. Wherever possible we use natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and all of our inks are eco-friendly.

We hope that you enjoy our hand printed pieces. We certainly love creating them!